emilQ DAILY® is SaaS (= Software-as-a-Service), a cloudbased software system.

Business experts share through emilQ DAILY®'s MOXIE Library their knowhow and experience with all people who need it to run and improve DAILY business.

emilQ DAILY® offers a powerful set of Web Apps to boost businesses of all sizes and branches.

With emilQ DAILY® you check & improve the quality of your business processes.

With emilQ DAILY® you check & improve your company's performance capability.

emilQ DAILY® is operated by fast SSD servers located in Germany and follows the German data security laws according to §4 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz.

The Business Improvement Suite emilQ DAILY® is operated and continuously developed by the Institute for Innovation & Improvement GmbH & Co. KG located in Munich, Germany. The Institute for Innovation & Improvement maintains different representations in various countries. The Institute for Innovation & Improvement also captures a wide base of international business experts from different branches and cultures. All active experts can be contacted through the emilQ DAILY® Expert Base. Many experts act as MOXIE authors and contribute to the continous improvement of the ECO system emilQ DAILY®. If you intend to become an emilQ DAILY® expert, author or business development partner please register here.

emilQ DAILY®'s MOXIE Library provides a steadily growing base of knowledge questionnaires, called MOXIES. The term MOXIE stands for savvy, energy and drive.

Our users, customers and partners are e.g. managers, improvement specialists, quality leaders, quality representatives, quality managers, enterprise representatives, representatives of management systems, environmental managers, data security officers, consultants, trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, major corporations or simply people who want to imrprove their working conditions or business processes.