“SHARE knowledge & EXECUTE innovation – to boost your business and education!”

Our vision: To improve the experience of best practice.

Our mission: To enable world-class business and learning operations in terms of efficiency and effectiveness by transforming excellence theory into best-in-class execution – across branches enterprises and educational institutions.

We do this by developing digital management and automation tools which enable our customers to efficiently run and continuously amplify their DAILY business and learning operations. We act through the lever of applied quality, leadership and communication and drive innovation across cultures and industries – on a daily basis.

The Institute for Innovation and Improvement GmbH & Co KG is an internationally operating private institute based in Munich, which provides its customers and stakeholders with relevant and important information, ideas and best practice recommendations.

The foundation of our knowledge and experience is a global network of highly qualified experts, consultants & coaches, knowledge providers and curators.

To promote the DIY (do-it-yourself) principle as well as the sustainability of the collaborative work, we have developed a cloud-based software system called emilQ® DAILY. Years of practical design & development resulted in a suite of intuitive digital tools that anyone can use to enhance their business environment.

Our motto is: "Every day a step further than yesterday!"

Active training by our experts, combined with the use of state-of-the-art digital tools, is not only attractive - especially for young people, our future specialists and executives - but also brings great results.

Our common motto is: Boost your Business!

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