Expand your myDAILY®SYSTEM by the new Q'TOOLS!

The quality experts among you will be pleased, because the time has finally come! After a thorough development work and first deployments with "Early Bird" customers, the Q'TOOLS essentials are now ready to use - for digital & quality-conscious companies of all sizes and industries.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) bundle Q'TOOLS essentials contains the "big three" quality tools

- the process flow chart (PROCESS FLOW),
- the process FMEA (FMEA) and
- the control plan (CONTROL PLAN).

The Q'TOOLS essentials can be used individually or as an integrated part of automised process flows or project structures (such as APQP, PPAP, etc.). Thus. you start up Q'TOOLS directly at the appropriate point in your daily workflows and work with them.

Of course, all Q'TOOLS essentials are interconnected in the background, so that data you enter is automatically supplemented across the Q'TOOLS and is available to you from each Q'TOOL. For example, if you draw a flow chart with PROCESS FLOW, the individual process steps are transferred directly to the PFMEA and the CONTROL PLAN, where you can continue to work with them flawlessly.

The Q'TOOLS essentials in detail:

The PROCESS FLOW follows the specifications of the internationally recognised BPMN 2.0 notation. This is a standardised notation for the creation of business process flows. The BPMN 2.0 poster with all standardised characters and elements can be downloaded here free of charge.

The FMEA - in this case the process FMEA - is one of the most essential prevention tools for qualitative process and production pre-planning. Using a systematic procedure, you are guided through a methodical risk analysis in order to correctly design new business processes (e.g. production processes, but also service processes) or to improve existing production processes.

After the design of your production processes with PROCESS FLOW and a preventive risk assessment with the FMEA, you create the CONTROL PLAN in order to ensure maximum safety/flawlessness during daily process runs through continuous measurement.

CONCLUSION: The combination of the Q'TOOLS essentials helps you to feed back findings from the ongoing day-to-day business processes and to continuously improve the quality pre-planning process.

The quality cycle - or as we call it, the DAILY loop - is thus closed and helps to continuously increase the quality of your daily work processes and to avoid unnecessary costs due to a lack of efficiency or effectiveness.

Quality wins!



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