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Klaspad PLC today announced that they shall be releasing Augmented Builds, on the 18th of this month, a day before the AWE exhibition in Munich. Augmented Builds will enable everyone to show their products and services in augmented view without having any technical expertise in the field.

"We are excited to bring a platform that will make it possible to create immersive experience without having to bother about the costs just before the biggest AR exhibition in Europe opens its doors to the public" says Ambrish Bansal CEO of Klaspad.

Augmented builds will allow users to start creating AR experience in 3 simple steps. Upload the marker, then the video or the 3d object and the system will automatically link everything to be seen in AR directly on company's app named Augmented builds.

Augmented Builds is a product of Klaspad PLC , a UK based company offering products and services in the field of education, training and retail. Klaspad PLC works with companies like Conde Nast, Chefonline and many educational organisations helping them create interactive and immersive experience.