Prices described on the product pages, if not described differently, refer to one piece or one article. They are expressed in Euros, are the total price and include VAT as applicable, and any other price components, but in addition optional shipping costs.

Shipping costs

1. No shipping costs apply for the online delivery of goods or services e.g. like software sent via e-mail or provided via download.

.However, Klik&Pay collects for payment by Klik&Pay, a processing fee of 1.9% + EUR 0.35 on the payment amount for Euro payments within the EU and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and of 3.9% + EUR 0.35 on the payment amount for all other payments. This Klik&Pay handling fee is passed on directly to our users by being added to the total invoice amount.

3. Additional taxes, custom duties and fees

No additional taxes, duties or costs occure for deliveries to EU countries.

Deliveries to non-EU countries may be subject to additional duties and fees. See examples below:

Concerning import sales tax:

Specifically for Switzerland: