you to share your knowledge with others. you to utilise others knowledge. managers to improve the performance of their enterprise. managers to stay on top of things. lecturers, to provide their learning content digitally. students to study digitally. you to collaborate wth others independent of place or time. you to teach without being a teacher. you to improve the quality of your DAILY business. consultants to assess and improve their customers' needs. everyone to improve. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Become a MOXIE author

SHARE your knowledge with the world!

Get royalties from 8 up to 35 %. Or share your knowledge for free and join the "World Open Education Project (WOEP) - digital, global, accessible for all".

Are you an expert in a particular field of science? Do you have experience which you'd love share with the world?
emilQ DAILY® offers you now the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with those who need it and - by the way - earn money.

Calculating your income

Each time a user runs a checkup by using one of your MOXIES, the net price of the checkup is added to your all-time sales and you generate further income. The more user checkups, the more you’ll make. You find all details in the Royalty Table for MOXIE Author's (registered users only). Approved authors get access to the so-called "Author's SPOT", the personal performance dashboard, where MOXIE turn and income, as well as other real-time data is displayed as well as a lot more relevant information for being a successful emilQ DAILY® MOXIE Author.

Understanding what it means to be an author

To become an author and sell MOXIES on the emilQ DAILY® MOXIE Library, you must first read the following information.

The basics of being an author

The emilQ DAILY®'s MOXIE Library is comparable with a public library, where readers would pay a fee to the author per "reading cycle". Instead of books, the MOXIE Library offers so called MOXIES, and instead of just reading a MOXIE, the buyer directly utilises it to run checkups, in order to find out where his company, process etc. stands right now. A MOXIE is a dynamic online questionnaire which contains concentrated knowledge and experience from experts, like book authors. But a MOXIE is more condensed or concentrated and thus saves the "reader" a lot of time by enabling him at once to a) gain knowledge and b) find out where he stands compared to this given standard by the author. By publishing a MOXIE, you're granting the buyer/user a license to use it for checkups, but you retain ownership of the MOXIE and you can sell as many licenses as you want. Once you submitted a MOXIE and got it released and published by our editorial team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), it can be purchased ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times... the sky's the limit!

How does it work?

Register as a MOXIE Author, get approved for sale, and build a portfolio of MOXIES across as many different disciplines as you want

Every MOXIE published on the MOXIE Library has been evaluated and checked by the emilQ DAILY® editorial team. The MOXIE is priced based on its complexity and and other market values, also depending on the pricing approach for the MOXIE category. During the review, the editorial team also aims to catch issues that would reflect negatively on your sales or the broader emilQ DAILY® standards, and may not be able to approve your MOXIES if they do not follow our rules or are otherwise unsuitable for sale. The review and evaluation process ensures that when customers come to the MOXIE Library, they're using a product that has already been tried and tested.

Royalty payments occur biannually

In case of smaller amounts below a minimum of 20 EUR, the balance is saved to the author's emilQ DAILY® account and added to the next payment.

Explore new possibilities, and join our community of learners, thinkers and makers

We run promotions and events to help MOXIE authors earn more and discover new parts of the emilQ DAILY® ecosystem. As an author you can stay up to date by checking Business Motion, our digital business paper or check the newsflash regularly. The Experience Board to come is your go-to destination to meet the DAILY community and join the discussion.

The rules

We ask that as an author you always abide by the terms stated in your Author Contract (provided after the approval process) and the following rules:
1. The content you upload for publication and sale must be your own creation. Do not submit works based on tutorials or other people's projects.
2. You must have the rights to license the content you upload, either because it is your own original content, or because you have a license that grants you permission to resell any third-party assets.
3. If you believe that anyone has copied one of your items or is otherwise infringing upon intellectual property rights, please check our Copyright & IP policy first and report this behaviour to our team.
4. Do not buy your own MOXIES or engage in other conduct with the intention of defrauding emilQ DAILY® or other authors.
5. Do not upload content that contains explicit profanity, nudity or extreme violence.
6. Everything uploaded to emilQ DAILY® should be appropriate for commercial sale.

What now?

That's it. If you have any more questions, please look at our FAQ section for authors or contact our editorial team.

Otherwise, we hope you have lots of success as an author on emilQ DAILY®!

The emilQ DAILY® ELITE Author programme rewards the best selling publishers on the emilQ DAILY® MOXIE Library.

Your digital toolset for a systematic execution of DAILY business as well as continuous performance improvement - on site or remotely. Claim your myDAILY®ENTERPRISE system and utilize a set of powerful Web Apps for your individual success.

Web Apps

myDAILY checkup!

Check your business status and identify room for improvement!

myDAILY action!

Define, assign, communicate & follow up on your DAILY tasks - from A to Z

DAILY coach!

myDAILY coach!

Utilize the knowledge and experience of the best - worldwide!

DAILY cockpit!

myDAILY cockpit!

Monitor your business performance in realtime and interact within minutes!

DAILY compare!

myDAILY compare!

Enables you to compare and benchmark all kinds of activities and results

SMART Addons

Auto Activities
Auto Activities

Enables you to create & assign a predefined set of activites (incl. video, audio, pics, links, augmented reality etc.) to an unlimited amount of users - by one click

Intelligent Activity Assignment
Intelligent Activity Assignment

The SMART addon IAA enables the intelligent assignment of tailormade activities, based on individual checkup results of different users.

Multi Activities
Multi Activities

This SMART addon "Multi Activity Creation" automatically replicates created tasks for an unlimited amout of users, which are assigned to a particular Action Board.

Mark & Score
Mark & Score

Enables the assigner to mark & score all kinds of activites, tasks, tests, exams etc., which had been assigned to an unlimited amout of users (and which had been returned "for approval").

Admin & Support Tools

myDAILY Creator (optional)
myDAILY Creator (optional)

This tool is your filling engine for your entire myDAILY© B2B system. You use it to create, upload and administrate all your content like MOXIES, learning bundles incl. video, audio, links, augmented reality etc. - simply everything.

myMOXIE Library (integrated)
myMOXIE Library (integrated)

The myMOXIE Library in your myDAILY© B2B system contains all your content like MOXIES and m-learning bundles incl. video, audio, links, augmented reality etc. - simply everything. It also provides you (as an exclusive business user) access to all public content created by others.

Access Manager (on demand)
Access Manager (on demand)

This Addon enables you to create your individual authorizations and access groups (manager, specialists, departments etc.) for your myDAILY© B2B system.

myDAILY Messenger (integrated)
myDAILY Messenger (integrated)

The DAILY messenger is the communication center and chat room of your myDAILY© B2B system. It manages all inbound and outbound messages by individuals and by your myDAILY© system (system messages).

myDAILY Talks (optional)
myDAILY Talks (optional)

myDAILY Talks is the individual discussion board of your myDAILY© B2B system. All people (managers, students, departments etc.) you have added as users to the system can communicate and interact here.

What is emilQ DAILY®?

emilQ DAILY® is SaaS (= Software-as-a-Service), a cloudbased software system.

Business experts share through emilQ DAILY®'s MOXIE Library their knowhow and experience with all people who need it to run and improve DAILY business.

emilQ DAILY® offers a powerful set of Web Apps to boost businesses of all sizes and branches.

With emilQ DAILY® you check & improve the quality of your business processes.

With emilQ DAILY® you check & improve your company's performance capability.

emilQ DAILY® is operated by fast SSD servers located in Germany and follows the German data security laws according to §4 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz.

The Business Improvement Suite emilQ DAILY® is operated and continuously developed by the Institute for Innovation & Improvement GmbH & Co. KG located in Munich, Germany. The Institute for Innovation & Improvement maintains different representations in various countries. The Institute for Innovation & Improvement also captures a wide base of international business experts from different branches and cultures. All active experts can be contacted through the emilQ DAILY® Expert Base. Many experts act as MOXIE authors and contribute to the continous improvement of the ECO system emilQ DAILY®. If you intend to become an emilQ DAILY® expert, author or business development partner please register here.

emilQ DAILY®'s MOXIE Library provides a steadily growing base of knowledge questionnaires, called MOXIES. The term MOXIE stands for savvy, energy and drive.

Our users, customers and partners are e.g. managers, improvement specialists, quality leaders, quality representatives, quality managers, enterprise representatives, representatives of management systems, environmental managers, data security officers, consultants, trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, major corporations or simply people who want to imrprove their working conditions or business processes.