DAILY coach!

Utilize the knowledge and experience of the best - worldwide!

International experts offer you guidance through DAILY coach! - controlled by yourself

DAILY coach! - The personal expert

After the completed Full Check (if you had chosen the DAILY coach! option before), you receive now guidance through dynamic recommendations (based on your answers) written by the MOXIE-Author. If you have overlooked to choose DAILY action! before starting the Full Check, you can do that now in the result list, if available.

The displayed recommendations by the MOXIE Author can now be marked to be taken over by clicking to DAILY action!. Before transferring them, you have the possibility to tailor each single activity according to your individual needs.

By taking over the dynamic recommendations by the MOXIE-Author and editing them, you created your individual activities. Now you can choose if you want to create a new Action Board to transfer one or more of them to DAILY action! or if your activities should be added to an existing Action Board. Having made your setting, you just click the button "Push activities to DAILY action!" and all marked activities of them will be transfered to DAILY action! at once.